Altseason on the horizon ?— KUSAMA and ALTS

The Thi3d
4 min readJan 11, 2021


Today is the 11th of January, meaning registration for parachains on Kusama are now open.

Two weeks ago, the parachain code was released on Rococo test-net, this provided potential parachains the ability to build their systems as parachains on Rococo.

Over the last two weeks the Rococo chat on Element was rife with project Devs’ troubleshooting their way into successfully implementing their systems on the launchpad. The Element chat led me to believe there are around 16 projects all vying for a slot for the initial parachain auction phase.

So, Where are we now ? My best guess is this week is all about projects registering and continuing to get themselves positioned on the parachain launchpad. I suspect the next few weeks will be parachain projects getting their marketing in order, primed to release news around specifics on how to bond KSM in order to support a sought after parachain slot. Moreover, we are all waiting for is that official press release from Web 3 / Parity confirming parachains being ready and what it entails for KSM holders. I think this news is only matter of weeks away (end of Jan, beginning of Feb).

KSM Price

As well as the massive broad-moon-bound-long-term trend and positive strength against BTC, a big indicator for me is the KSM / DOT pair. Right now we are at support range (1ksm = 7 dot). The ATH was (1 ksm = 11 dot). In terms of these pairings, around the period of parachain release I can see the price surpassing ATH. During the previous KSM/DOT ATH, last time around 1 DOT cost around $4 dollars. Therefore if we have a $8 DOT, and say KSM hits the last ATH Dot high we see (at the VERY least) a $90 KSM ; this is my ultra conservative estimate. As most know, my BIG prediction is we see KSM at around $200 at the end of February.

Its getting very exciting!

Altcoins and a potential Altseason ?

Right now we’ve just witnessed a much needed 20% correction in Bitcoin (it may continue). But this is perfect for altcoin to recapture some of their Satoshi value from the last several weeks. If this continues and Bitcoin has a period on stability this provides the ideal environment for altcoins to firstly readjust then go absolutely-off-the-radar-crazy.

I highly suspect an altseason is on the horizon and as such I have positioned myself in some midcaps and lowcaps. For me it is all about getting in early, I would only buy high if the narrative and technical analysis are absolutely unmissable. So the ones I’ve positioned have not yet pumped and in no particular order here they are:

API3 — API3 is a decentralised oracle provider. The team consist of ex-Chainlink developers. There is growing interest in API3, the oracle sector is thriving in the crypto space. Chainlink has trailblazed its way as sector leader and like any emerging market sector, competition is rife. So, given how immature this sector is, there is massive percentage gains and opportunities ahead. API3 has a $40m market cap, $2 a coin, with a 100m total supply and 20m in circulation.

Polkastarter — Much like ICO’s in 2017, purely on demand alone Polkastarter has shown there is massive interest crypto initial crowd offerings. As a user of polkastarter I have been disappointed in how EXCLUSIVE the service is; in order to participate in an initial offering pool funding (you’re chances are pretty slim). This needs to be addressed otherwise others will come along and basically do a better job by making the process fairer. But, these are very early days and Polkastarter have listened to critique and appear to be adjusting accordingly. For me this is one that could easily break into the top 100 crypto’s (if it does turn out to be the go-to initial funding platform). POLS is currently at ~90cents with a circulating supply of 49m and a total supply of 100m and holding a market of $48m. I expect this to at least 10x from here, providing it can remain as the go to initial funding platform.

Power Trade — Power Trade has a $6m market cap with a 19m circulating supply and is building a Bitcoin options trading platform. The full platform is yet to be released and is in Beta release. this is a low cap with lots of risk and similarly massive upside.

CRUST — Crust is a Polkadot based decentralized storage network for the Web3 ecosystem and right now is in the process of getting ready for its parachain launch on Kusama. Crust has some very well respected partners from Bithumb, Web3 and a host of the Polkadot ecosystem flagship players. With a $7m market, currently there are 1m CRU in circulation of a total 10m. Like Power Trade, this is a low cap with lots of risk and similarly massive upside.

Thanks for reading, shares are appreciated. As always, it PAYS to do you're own research — the market is showing nothing but promise right now, Pay Pal is still in its infancy, Facebook Diem is yet to really show its hand and there will no doubt be more developments on the horizon.